2021 Fall Tests

Lake Residence
17926 Mary Ln SW
Rochester, WA
AKC Event Numbers
2021525304, 2021525305, 2021525306

We will be holding our Fall tests in Rochester, WA on October 16 & 17. We plan on offering three tests (two on Saturday, one on Sunday).


Judge Change

Claire Mancha, who was to judge SE and ME on Sunday, has become unavailable. She has been replaced by Martina Leahy.


Class Saturday AM Saturday PM Sunday
Master Earthdog 9:00am 1:00pm 9:00 am
Senior Earthdog 10:15am 2:00pm 10:15 am
Junior Earthdog 10:45am 2:30pm 10:45am
Intro to Quarry 9:30am 1:30pm 9:30 am

† Or 30 minutes after Master is completed, whichever is later.
‡ Or 30 minutes after Intro to Quarry is completed, whichever is later.


Judges will include Thomas and Marie Quarles (Beavercreek, OR), Laurits Dixon (Vancouver, WA), Dan Mata (Portland, OR), Martina Leahy (Vancouver, WA), Curtis Lake (Rochester, WA) and Jeff Dairiki (Shoreline, WA).

Saturday AM Saturday PM Sunday
IQ Jeff Dairiki Curtis Lake Dan Mata
JE Laurits Dixon Curtis Lake Dan Mata
SE Thomas Quarles Marie Quarles Martina Leahy(*)
ME Thomas Quarles Marie Quarles Martina Leahy(*)

(*) Judge change

Club Meeting

A brief Board Meeting and General Meeting will be held after the conclusion of judging on Sunday, October 17.


Overnight camping and RV/trailer parking are available, RSVP required. Please note that there are no hookups. Contact Curtis Lake for Reservations 253-720-8234


Please see the complete set of COVID rules in the premium.

If you have questions regarding this event, please email us at info@psec-earthdog.org.