About Our Club

What We Do

  • The PSEC meets at least 4 times yearly for meetings, practices in earthdog, and we host three weekends of tests a year. Check out our events page for our next scheduled practice or test.

  • We have fun getting together to watch our dogs enjoy doing what they were bred to do. We're really supportive of each other and our earthdogs.

  • The club offers several awards for members.

Club Objectives

  • to promote the natural and trained hunting and working abilities of small Terriers and Dachshunds when exposed to hunting situations
  • to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of all breeds eligible for AKC earthdog tests and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at earthdog tests
  • to conduct sanctioned earthdog tests and licensed earthdog tests under the rules of The American Kennel Club.


You can join as a:

  • Regular member (full privileges including voting and holding office),
  • Associate member (full privileges except voting and holding office), or
  • Junior member (full privileges except voting and holding office, age 10 - 18)

If you have questions about membership, please contact our secretary, Regina Delahunt.

Complete the membership application form. You'll need two member sponsors to become a regular member. You will also need to read a copy of our constitution and bylaws, also available here

After you send in your membership application and dues, your name will be published to the membership 10 days before our next meeting. Your application will be voted on by the membership at the following meeting.