Fall Tests

Hathor Farm
3535 Swede Hill Rd
Clinton, WA
AKC Event Numbers
2020525306, 2020525307, 2020525308

We are planning on holding our Fall tests on October 17 & 18 on Whidbey Island. The COVID pandemic may still interfere, but, at this point, we are going forward with plans.

The test secretary is Melissa Knapp.

Here are the premium List and entry forms.

COVID-19 Adjustments

We will be operating under a number of special COVID-19 rules. Highlights include:

Please see the premium List for a complete list of the special COVID rules.


Our judges will be Kathi Ogawa, Dix Dixon, Sil Sanders, Curtis Lake, and Jeff Dairiki. The judging assignments are as follows:

Saturday AM Saturday PM Sunday
Intro to Quarry Jeff Dairiki Kathi Ogawa Curtis Lake
Junior Dix Dixon Sil Sanders Curtis Lake
Senior Kathi Ogawa Dix Dixon Sil Sanders
Master Kathi Ogawa Dix Dixon Sil Sanders

Friday Work-Party and Practice

There will be a work-party and practice on the Friday before the tests. The work-party starts at 2:00pm. Practice starts at 3:00pm.

PSEC Meeting Notice

A socially-distanced Board Meeting and General Meeting will be held during the lunch break on Sunday, October 18.


Overnight camping and RV/trailer parking are available. Please note that this is dry-camping only — there are no hookups!

If you have questions regarding this event, please email us at info@psec-earthdog.org.