2024 Fall Tests

Saturday & Sunday,
Closing Date
Wednesday, October 16, 2024
Lake Residence
17926 Mary Ln SW
Rochester, WA
AKC Event Numbers

We will be holding our Fall tests in Rochester, WA on October 19 & 20. We are offering four tests — two on Saturday, and two on Sunday.

The Test Co-Chairs are Jeff Dairiki and Dix Dixon. The Test Secretary is Sandra Distefano.

Entry Limits

Entries in the Senior Earthdog and Master Earthdog classes will be limited to 30 entries total (between the two classes) per test.


Overnight camping and RV/trailer parking are available, RSVP required. Please note that there are no hookups. Details to follow.

Pot-Luck Lunch!

We will host pot-luck lunches (as well as informal Friday and Saturday evening pot-luck suppers on the Lake's back porch.) Bring delicious things to share!

Board and General Meetings

A brief club Board Meeting and General Meeting will be held after the conclusion of judging on Saturday, October 19, 2024. All are welcome.