2023 Spring Tests

Closing Date
Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Lake Residence
17926 Mary Ln SW
Rochester, WA
AKC Event Numbers
2023525301, 2023525302, 2023525303, 2023525308

We will be holding our Fall tests in Rochester, WA on May 20 & 21. We are offering four tests — two on Saturday, and two on Sunday.

The Test Chair is Jan Pool. The Test Secretary is Sandra Distefano.


Our judges will include Marillyn Douglas (Snohomish, WA), Betsy Fortman (Duvall, WA), Tom Quarles (Beavercreek, OR), Marie Quarles (Beavercreek, OR), and John Willmore (Federal Way, WA).

Tentative Judging Program

Saturday AM Saturday PM Sunday AM Sunday PM
IQ Marillyn Douglas Tom Quarles Betsy Fortman John Willmore
NE Tom Quarles Marillyn Douglas John Willmore Marie Quarles
JE Marie Quarles Betsy Fortman Marillyn Douglas Tom Quarles
SE Betsy Fortman John Willmore Marie Quarles Betsy Fortman
ME John Willmore Marie Quarles Tom Quarles Marillyn Douglas

Novice Earthdog

Note that at these tests we are offering the new Novice Earthdog class. NE is very similar to IQ (10-foot, one-turn tunnel), except that neither the judge nor the handler may help the dog after the release. Novice Earthdog is a titling class: two passes under two different judges earns a NE title.

At our tests, dogs who have not yet earned an Earthdog title may be entered in any combination of IQ, NE, and/or JE.


Overnight camping and RV/trailer parking are available, RSVP required. Please note that there are no hookups. Contact Curtis Lake for Reservations 253-720-8234

If you have questions regarding this event, please email us at info@psec-earthdog.org.