Summer Tests

Lake Residence
17926 Mary Ln SW
Rochester, WA
AKC Event Numbers
2021525307, 2021525308

Our Summer tests will be held on July 17 & 18 in Grand Mound, WA. There will be one test per day.

The test secretary is Anne Sanders.

COVID restrictions

With the exception of IQ, day-of-show entries will not be accepted! (IQ entries close at 9:15am on the day of the test.)

Attendees who are vaccinated may self-attest to their vaccination status and avoid the requirement to wear a face mask and social distance. Those who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 will be required to wear face masks and maintain 6 feet social distance from people outside of your household at all times during these tests. See the premium list for further details on our COVID policies.

There will be no food (hospitality or lunch) provided at this event. Bring your own lunch and snacks and consume them in your vehicle.


Class Start Time
Master Earthdog 9:00am
Intro to Quarry 10:00am
Senior Earthdog 10:30am (or 30 minutes after Master finishes)
Junior Earthdog 2:00pm on Saturday / 1:00pm on Sunday


Judges will be Betsy Fortman, Jill Petersen, John Willmore, and Harriet Haydon.

Saturday Sunday
IQ Betsy Fortman Harriet Haydon
JE Betsy Fortman Jill Petersen
SE John Willmore Jill Petersen
ME John Willmore Jill Petersen


Limiting dry (no power) RV camping will be available. Reservations are required. See the premium list for details.

Club Meeting

A Board Meeting and General Meeting will be held on Saturday, July 17, 2021, following the completion of Senior Earthdog judging.

Practices / Work Parties

To help prepare the site, and your dogs, we will be holding two work party / practices leading up to these tests:

More Details

See the premium list for further details on the tests. If you still have general questions feel free to send an email to Questions of a more official or entry-oriented nature may be addressed to the test secretary:

If you have questions regarding this event, please email us at