Spring Tests

The Whall’s
30903 186th Place SE
Kent, WA 98042
AKC Event Numbers
2020525301, 2020525303, 2020525302

We have lost the use of our Bellingham location, so our Spring tests will be held at the Whall’s on April 25 & 26, 2020, in Kent. There will be three tests in all: two tests on Saturday, and one on Sunday. Entries to the Saturday morning tests will be limited. Get your entries in early!

We will have a smorgasbord of judges: Val Perry, Betsy Fortman, Sil Sanders, Jack Laney, Curtis Lake, Harriet Haydon, and Geoffrey Dairiki.

The test secretary is Melissa Knapp, melissasknapp@gmail.com.

Here is the premium list, complete with entry forms. Note that the premium list was updated on February 20. If you downloaded it before that date, please download it again.

Judging Schedule

Please note that entries for Junior, Senior and Master are limited for the Saturday AM test. (Entries for Saturday PM and Sunday Tests are unlimited.) Get your entries in early!

Saturday AM Test Saturday PM Test Sunday Test
Master Earthdog 7:45 am Valorie Perry
(limit 3 braces)
1:00 pm Sil Sanders
(entries unlimited)
8:15 am Valorie Perry
Senior Earthdog 9:15 am Betsy Fortman
(limit 6 dogs)
2:30 pm Valorie Perry
9:30 am Betsy Fortman
Junior Earthdog 10:45am Curtis Lake
(limit 10 dogs)
4:00 pm Jack Laney
11:00 am Valorie Perry
Intro to Quarry 8:45am Harriet Haydon
2:00 pm Jeff Dairiki
9:00am Curtis Lake

(*) = Entries unlimited.


Potluck Lunch

Please bring something for the potluck lunch each day! Drinks will be provided. And be sure to bring your dog’s beads!

General Meeting

A club general meeting will be held on Sunday, April 26 during the lunch break. Members, as well as guests, are encouraged to attend.

Saturday Dinner

Everyone is invited to join us for dinner with the judges on Saturday evening at a local restuarant. Sign-ups will be taken Saturday morning. Details to follow.


A raffle of dog and rat related items will be held on Sunday after wards are presented. Donations are appreciated!


Overnight parking and camping (no hook-ups) are available, with RSVP only. Contact Curt Whall, 253-631-9930, curt.whall@gmail.com.


We will be holding two open practice sessions sat the test site in the days leading up to the tests. The first will be on Saturday, March 28, the second will be on Friday afternoon (April 24) on the eve of the tests.

If you have questions regarding this event, please email us at info@psec-earthdog.org.